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The BI Story

Bhushan International was founded in 1985 with an ambition to create opportunities of employment in Bihar. As a family person, the pain our Founder experienced in having to stay away from loved ones for earning one’s livelihood motivated him to create something closer to home.
The journey got the first acceleration in 1990 with KSB appointing us as their first and only authorized dealer for Bihar. Water being an essential commodity, we soon found our foot in all major industries in Bihar and Nepal. 
... In the year 2002, ELGI Limited, the winner of prestigious Deming’s Award and world’s 7th largest manufacturer of Air Compressors appointed us their dealer for Bihar. This was surely the second important milestone in our journey.
Shortly, we were also awarded the dealership of ATS ELGI Limited, a pioneer in Garage Automation segment.
The most recent collaboration is with ION Exchange India Limited and this helped us in complete the full cycle of Water Management - from extracting the underground water to recycle, reusing and reducing water wastage. With IEI, we also provide process chemicals to all major Sugar Mills.
Bhushan International also has a promising Projects Vertical which has, in the last few years itself, successfully completed a few prestigious projects such as Commissioning 1200KLD STP at IGIMS, Commissioning ETP at RMIRMS, Designing and Constructing sewage pipeline in AIIMS Patna, and various other inter - disciplinary Government and CSR Projects of organisations of repute.
With development in the industrial scenario in the state, we have also been able to make ourselves available to our customers for round the clock availability with our robust service team and branch offices.
Bhushan International is at your service for Over Three Decades.


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Spare Parts Sales - Valves & Tools

Bhushan international sell genuine spare part to prolong the life of your machine. We maintain a wide range of valves & tools stocks to ensure rapid delivery.  We offer original inter....

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After Sales Service

Bhushan International offers end to end service which includes installation, inspection, commissioning, repair and maintenance at customer locations. The Bhushan International’s predictiv....

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Service Request

Team Bhushan International has decades of experience in delivering the best services related to water management, garage automation, compressed air management and recycling of waste water. For....

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Authorised dealer

KSB Ltd (formerly known as KSB Pumps Ltd) is the manufacturer and seller of pumps spares and valves in India.
Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction wherein an ion (an atom or a molecule that has lost or gained an electron and thus acquired an electrical charge) from a wastewater solution is exchanged for a similarly charged ion attached to an immobile solid particle.
Power Build established in 1972 is a leading manufacturer of high performance helical and worm geared motors, helical bevel geared motors, roloid gear pumps, shaft mounted speed reducers, gearboxes, and custom engineered gear motors.
Elgi Equipments Limited is a global air compressor manufacturer with a broad line of innovative and technologically superior compressed air systems..
ATS ELGI is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Automotive Service Equipment in India.


Awesome place. Very kind & smart workers are here. It is in the best office list I have visited in #Bihar I can tell wit all of you. I'm glad to visit on the occasion of xmas.. Happy New Year.....

Govind Kumar

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Best ever services with good pricing, employees are too much co operative.

Awanish kumar

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Old and big dealer in bihar and service is very fast and quick response.

Vikash Verma

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